Craig Mazerolle, “Taking (Judicial) Notice of Workplace Precarity: Single Mothers and the Right to Childcare Accommodation”

Familial relationships have been a growing topic of interest for human rights jurisprudence in the employment context. While lone-parent families are far from unique, courts and tribunals have yet to comprehensively address the interaction of family status discrimination and the childcare needs of lone-parent families. Using a feminist and historical framework, this paper analyzes the growing field of law concerning childcare accommodation and working parents. I argue that, by crafting jurisprudence within the context of two-parent households, courts and tribunals risk inadvertently silencing the unique childcare issues of lone-parent families, especially those families led by single mothers. To better address these issues, lawyers must encourage courts to issue judicial notice of the interaction between lone-parent families, gender, and precarious work.

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