Call for Submissions

The Review is currently accepting submissions for the Canadian Law Student Conference to be held March 8 and 9,  2018.

We will accept original articles and comments on recent cases or legislation.

The deadline for submission is February 2, 2018.

Format Specification

The document should not exceed 20,000 words including footnotes. Footnotes should conform to the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (8th edition). Please do not submit manuscripts with endnotes.

Manuscripts submitted for consideration should be double-spaced. Only Microsoft Word format is acceptable.

Simultaneous Submissions

Please note that the Review does not accept submissions that are currently under consideration for publication by other journals.

Selection Process

The Editorial Board reviews all submissions for the Conference. Your document is considered anonymously; no weight is given to one’s prior publication, previous submissions, or institutional affiliation. Papers that pass the Editorial Board internal review will be invited to participate in the Conference.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to make editorial changes in submissions accepted for publication in the Digital Companion.  These changes include any revisions or additions that are necessary to ensure correctness of grammar and spelling, clarification of meaning, and adherence to  the Review citation style.  The Editorial Board also reserves the right to refuse or withdraw acceptance, or delay publication of any submission.

How to Submit

Please submit your work by email with the subject line “Conference Submission” to wrlsisolicitations [at] Questions may be directed to that same address.