Types of Submissions Accepted

Manuscripts published in the Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues generally fall into the following categories:

Research Article

The purpose of a Research Article is to allow the author free range to write about a topic that is pertinent to the mandate of the Review. Research Articles will be on a topic that relates to a legal or social issue, and will demonstrate how a particular social issue may impact the law.

Length: Research Articles typically run 7,000–15,000 words.


The purpose of a Comment is to discuss the significance of a recent case, piece of legislation, law journal article, or law related book. A Comment focuses on a precise area of law, problems associated with that area, and any possible solutions to those problems.

Length: Comments will typically run 7,000–15,000 words.


A Note is a detailed, critical study of a specific, narrow area of law. The purpose of a Note is to present a comprehensive, reliable summary of existing law on an issue, and suggest reconsiderations.

Length: Notes will typically run 7,000–15,000 words.

Case Digest

Case Digests are used to inform the reader of important recent legal developments, and to describe practical consequences of a holding. A well constructed Case Digest should lead the reader to examine other resources and consider the perceptual problems raised in the Case Digest.

Length: Case Digests will typically run 1,000–2,000 words, depending on the length of the case being summarized.

Book Review

The purpose of a Book Review is to provide a short summary and evaluation of recently published professional books, textbooks, and course materials dealing with theory or practice in the field of law.

Length: Book Reviews will typically run 500–1,500 words, but may exceed this length, if necessary.