First published in 1989, the Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues traces its origins back to the Canadian Community Law Journal, a journal focused on public legal education that was run by students and faculty at Windsor Law between 1977 and 1986.[1]

“In September 1986, a group of law students at the University of Windsor, who were then the Editorial Board of the Canadian Community Law Journal, proposed that the name of the Journal be changed to the Windsor Law Review. After several proposals, Faculty Council agreed in principal to the existence of a student law journal at the Faculty of Law. Faculty Council, however, rejected the name. It was suggested that the name did not adequately reflect the aims of the student law journal. In addition, it was strongly suggested that Canada’s legal community did not require another traditional law review.

From the outset, the Editorial Board of the Review wished to create a law journal with a new orientation that reflected the themes of the Windsor law faculty. In September, 1987, Faculty Council approved the name Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues as the name for the new student publication.”[2]

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[2] Mary Pat Reilly, “Introduction” (1989) 1 Windsor Rev Legal Soc Issues vi at vi.