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As of Tuesday, February 11, 2020, the Windsor Review has officially transitioned to “open access.” This commemorative occasion was marked by members of the Windsor Review Team, CanLii, and Chief Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz of the Ontario Superior Court.

Past and future volumes of the Windsor Review will be accessible free of charge here:

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Volume 41, June 2020



The Honourable Justice Malcolm Rowe and Leanna Katz, A Practical Guide to Stare Decisis

Andrew Flavelle Martin, The Government Lawyer as Activist: A Legal Ethics Analysis

Bailey Fox, Smoothing the Road to Reforming Solitary Confinement: Access to Justice and Law Reform

Erin Pervin, Undoing the Inheritance: Building a Legal Response to Water Insecurity in Africa

Case Digest

Karinne Lantz, The Netherlands v Urgenda Foundation: Lessons for Using International Human Rights Law in Canada to Address Climate Change

Volume 40, May 2019


Rachel Zuroff, Protecting Food Security as a Socio-Economic Right in Ethiopia

Angela Lee, The Milkmaid’s Tale: Veganism, Feminism, and Dystopian Food Futures

Debra Haak, Re(de)fining Prostitution and Sex Work: Conceptual Clarity for Legal Thinking

Kate Scallion, Freedom of Association and Indigenous Governance

Adeline Michoud, Mind the (Liability) Gap: The Relevance of the Duty of Care to Hold Transnational Corporations Accountable

Josh Tayar, Wait and See: Regulating Ontario’s Litigation Lending and Commercial Litigation Funding Markets

Volume 39, May 2018


Brandyn Rodgerson, Ensuring Equal Access to the Canadian Health Care System: A Discussion of the Legal and Ethical Considerations for PrEP

Jason M Harman, 2(d) as Harbinger of Substantive Justice? Toward the Creation of a Meaningful Freedom of Association

Emmanuelle Bernheim, Richard-Alexandra Laniel et Louis-Philippe Jannard, Les justiciables non representes face d la justice: une etude ethnographique du Tribunal administratif du Quebec

Clancy Catelin, Between Consent and a Hard Place: The Disclosure of Personal Health Information to Families

Joshua David Michael Shaw, Contagion and the Public Body: A Re-Ordering of Private and Public Spheres in R v Gowdy


Jessica Proskos and Laura Robinson, A Codification Proposal: Amending the Canada Evidence Act to Battle Systemic Issues Related to Falsified Police Testimony

Volume 38, May 2017


Scott McAlpine, More Than Wishful Thinking: Recent Developments in Recognizing the “Right to Housing” Under s. 7 of the Charter

Matthew P. Ponsford, The Law, Psychiatry and Pathologization of Gender-Confirming Surgery for Transgender Ontarians

Sean Rehaag, “I Simply do not Believe…”: A Case Study of Credibility Determinations in Canadian Refugee Adjudication

Matt Malone, Gamete Donor Anonymity in Canada: An Overview of Potential Policy Solutions

Volume 37, April 2016


Michael Saini, Rachel Birnbaum and Nicholas Bala, Access to Justice in Ontario’s Family Courts: The Parents’ Perspective

Anna Johnson and Paul Millar, Invisible No More: Sentencing Post-Gladue in Manitoba and Saskatchewan Manslaughter Cases

Sasha Lallouz, A Call for Ethical Accountability: The Necessity for Lawyer-Client Ethical Dialogue in a One-Sided Adversarial System

Katie Duke, Calling a Racist a Racist: A Case for Reforming the Tort of Defamation

Alexandra Flynn, Regulating Critical Mass: Performativity and City Streets

Book Reviews

Noel Semple, Our Nostradamus: Review of Richard Susskind, Tomorrow’s Lawyers: And Introduction to Your Future (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2013) and Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind, The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts (New York: Oxford, 2015)

Volume 36, April 2015


Amy Salyzyn, Zealous Advocacy or Exploitive Shakedown? The Ethics of Civil Recovery Letters

Mark Phillips, The Public Interest Criterion in Prosecutorial Discretion: A Lingering Source of Flexibility in the Canadian Lawyering Process?

Craig Forcese, The Law Professor as Public Citizen: Measuring Public Engagement in Canadian Common Law Schools

Michelle Flaherty, Reinstatement as a Human Rights Remedy: When Jurisdictions Collide

Natasha Bakht and Jordan Palmer, Modern Law, Modern Hammers: Canada’s Witchcraft Provision as an Image of Persecution

Joshua Shaw, De-Recognition of Disability: Canadian Parens Patriae Jurisdiction and Sterilization

Canadian Law Student Conference: Best Paper

Clifford McCarten, “State of Deportation: Canadian Sovereignty and the Right to Belong”

Book Review

Christopher Waters, “Review of Craig Forcese and Nicole LaViolette, Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2014), 218 pages”

Case Digest

Paul Vayda, “Chipping Away at Cost Barriers: A Comment on the Supreme Court of Canada’s Trial Lawyers Decision”

Volume 35, February 2014

Discussion Piece

Margaret Isabel Hall, “Old Age” (or, Do We Need a Critical Theory of Law and Aging?)


Pnina Alon-Shenker, Ending Mandatory Retirement: Reassessment

Hayter, Emily, Sexual Expression in Long-Term Care Homes: Capacity & Consent

Canadian Law Student Conference: Best Paper

Ralph Gill, Law, Culture, and Corporate Governance: Insights from Executive Compensation

Volume 34, August 2013


Kay Wheat, Mental Health and Stigma: How Best to Protect Workers from Discrimination?

Amy Conroy, Patient Autonomy and the Realities of Substitute Decision-Making: Reassessing Advance Directives Legislation in Common Law Canada

Chilenye Nwapi, Re-Evaluating the Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens in Canada

Ravi Malhotra & Katharine Neufeld, The Legal Politics of Growth Attenuation

Volume 33, January 2013


Joanna Radbord, Same-Sex Parents and the Law

Sarom Bahk, Exploring Perceptions of Cultural Difference in IRB Spousal Sponsorship Decisions

Christina Sibian, Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision: Reconciling the Ongoing Universalist/Cultural Relativist Debate to Promote a Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Jena McGill & Kyle Kirkup, Locating the Trans Legal Subject in Canadian Law: XY v Ontario

Volume 32, May 2012

Discussion Pieces

The Honourable Donald GH Bowman, Keynote Address at the 2012 Donald GH Bowman National Tax Moot

The Honourable Karen Sharlow, Why Judges Need Academics


Sean Gibson & Christopher Sewrattan, Gender Roles, Charter Holes and Societal Goals: Mentally Ill Female Prisoners in Canada

Sotonye Godwin, Integrating Trade and Human Rights in West Africa: An Analysis of the ECOWAS Experience

Mark Witten, Rationalist Influences in the Adjudication of Religious Freedoms in Canada

Asher Flynn, We’ve Changed our Minds: What Do You Do with a Failed Plea Bargain? A Reflection on R v Nixon

Senem Ozkin, Down But Not Out: Re-Evaluating the Use of Social Context Evidence in Sentencing

Volume 31, January 2012


Eugene C Lim, On the ‘Compliance Pull’ of Intellectual Property Norms: Finnis, Practical Reasonableness and the Challenge of Social Internalization

Matthew Voell, PHS Community Services Society v Canada (Attorney General): Positive Health Rights, Health Care Policy, and Section 7 of the Charter

Tamara Larre, Families Separated: The Case for Extending Dependent Tax Credits to Temporary Migrant Workers

Cheryl-Anne Pine, Gender-Sensitive Corrections in the Northwest Territories: Adopting Federal Lessons While Listening to Local Needs

Helene Love, Ageism, Language and the Law

Canadian Law Student Conference: Best Paper Award

Ryan Edmonds, Breaking Open the System: A Multi-Party Analysis of Gender Transitions as an Effective Industrial Relations Process

Volume 30, March 2011


Christopher Sherrin, Guilty Pleas from the Innocent

Cara Wilkie & Meryl Zisman Gary, Positive and Negative Rights under the Charter: Closing the Divide to Advance Equality

Craig A Brannagan, Police Misconduct and Public Accountability: A Commentary on Recent Trends in the Canadian Justice System

Sarah Hamill, Private Property Rights and Public Responsibility: Leaving Room for the Homeless

Special Topic: Perspectives on ADR/Mediation

Lynne Pearlman, University of Windsor Mediation Services 15th Anniversary: UWMS Programming and Direction (Special Topic- Perspectives on ADR/Mediation)

Gemma Smyth, Mediation in Cases of Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: The Case of University of Windsor Mediation Services

Martha Simmons, Paradigmatic Conversion: An Analogy of Religious Theory and Collaborative Law (Special Topic- Perspectives on ADR/Mediation)

Jane Kidner, The Limits of Mediator “Labels”: False Debate Between “Facilitative” versus “Evaluative” Mediator Styles (Special Topic- Perspectives on ADR/Mediation)

Joan Stearns Johnsen, Alternative “Deal” Resolution: The Facilitated Negotiation of Transactions (Special Topic- Perspectives on ADR/Mediation)

Canadian Law Student Conference: Best Paper Award

Derek Jugnauth, Rodriguez Reloaded: A Pious Path to Assisted-Suicide

Volume 29, April 2010


Joan Brockman, Money for Nothing, Advice for Free: The Law Society of British Columbia’s Enforcement Actions Against the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Erika Chamberlain and Robert Solomon, Enforcing Impaired Driving Laws Against Hospitalized Drivers: The Intersection of Healthcare, Patient Confidentiality and Law Enforcement

Shaun Fluker, Ecological Integrity in Canada’s National Parks: The False Promise of Law

Jonnette Watson Hamilton and Daniel Shea, The Value of Equality in the Supreme Court of Canada: End, Means or Something Else? 

Mary Jane Mossman with Karen Schucher & Claudia Schmeing, Comparing and Understanding Legal Aid Priorities: a Paper Prepared for Legal Aid Ontario

Barbara von Tigerstrom, Mandatory Nutrition Disclosure for Restaurants: Is Menu Labelling Coming to Canada?>

Canadian Law Student Conference: Best Paper Award

Sherilyn J. Pickering, Feminism and Tort Law: Scholarship and Practice

Volume 28, January 2010


Angela Campbell, Exploring Judicial Appreciations of Parental Addiction in Child Custody and Access Decisions: Quebec as a Case Study

Joel Colon-Rios, The End of the Constitutionalism-Democracy Debate

Stuart Hendin, Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights: The Differing Decisions of Canadian and UK Courts

W. Wesley Pue and Robert Diab, The Gap in Canadian Police Powers: Canada Needs “Public Order Policing” Legislation

Robert Tarantino, Creating Conflict: Legal Strategies for Housing the Homeless in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Barbara von Tigerstrom, Mandatory Nutrition Disclosure for Restaurants: Is Menu Labelling Coming to Canada?

Book Review

Timothy Smith, Intent for a Nation: What is Canada for: A Relentlessly Optimistic Manifesto for Canada’s Role in the World

Volume 27, May 2009

Celebrating Excellence: 40 Years of the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and 20 Years of the Windsor Review of Social and Legal Issues


William A. Bogart, Introduction: Defining an Identity

Mary P. Reilly, Reflection: Twenty Years of the Windsor Review of Social and Legal Issues

Jeffrey Bone, Corporate Environmental Responsibility in the Wake of the Supreme Court Decision of BCE Inc. and Bell Canada

Annette Demers, And Social Justice for All: A History of the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Bruce P. Elman, Creating a Culture of Professional Responsibility and Ethics: A Leadership Role for Law Schools

Brian Manarin, Bedeviled by Delay: Straight Talk About Memory Loss, Procedural Delay and the Myth of Swift Justice

John McLaren, “Judicial Ratbags or Men of Principle? The Trials and Tribulations of Maverick Colonial Judges in 19th Century” Or “A Funny Way to Run an Empire”

Emir A.C. Mohammed, Food for Tort: Giving the Casino Some  Consideration, A Continued Defence of the Gaming Industry

Ele Pawelski, Defining Justice in Afghanistan: Development of a National Legal Aid System

Volume 26, February 2009

Special Volume: Examining Environmental Law in a Canadian, Cross-Border and International Context


Noah D. Hall, Introduction: Canada-United States Transboundary Environmental Protection

Lynda M. Collins, An Ecologically Literate Reading of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Shea Coulson, Liberty, Property and the Environment: Rethinking Environmental Law in Canada 

Cameron S.G. Jeffries, Strange Bedfellows or Reluctant Allies?: Assessing Whether Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs) Should Serve as Official Monitors of Whaling for the International Whaling Commission (IWC) 

Arlene J. Kwasniak and Daniel R. Hursh, Right to Rainwater – A Cloudy Issue

Heather McLeod-Kilmurray, An Ecofeminist Legal Critique of Canadian Environmental Law: The Case of Genetically Modified Foods

Bruce Pardy, Climate Change Charades: False Environmental Pretences of Statist Energy Governance

Book Review

Jacqueline P. Hand, International Liability and Barriers to Trade: Market Access and Biodiversity in the Biosafety Protocol

Volume 25, September 2008

Special Volume: Perspectives on Law and Psychiatry: Exploring the Legal and Social Issues Surrounding Mental Disability


Dr. Hy Bloom, General Introduction

Peter Bartlett, Introduction

Lora Patton, “These Regulations Aren’t Just Here to Annoy You:” The Myth of Statutory Safeguards, Patient Rights and Charter Values in Ontario’s Mental Health System

Amy Spady, The Sexual Freedom of Eve: A Recommendation for Contraceptive Sterilization Legislation in the Canadian Post Re Eve Context

Mercedes Perez and Anita Szigeti, Sex Offender Information Registries and the Not Criminally Responsible Accused: Have We Cast Too Wide A Net?

Aaron A. Dhir, Relationships of Force: Reflections on Law, Psychiatry and Human Rights

Book Reviews

Mental Health Courts: Decriminalizing the Mentally Ill, Dr. Ronald Roesch and Kaitlyn McLachlan

Mental Health Law: Policy and Practice, Dr. Julio Arboleda-Florez

Windsor Law Student Conference: Best Paper Award

Andrea Macerollo, The Power of Masculinity in the Legal Profession: Women Lawyers and Identity Formation

Closing Remarks

The Honourable Mr. Justice Richard D. Schneider, The Mentally Ill: “Under-Righted” or “Under-Lawyered?”s

Volume 24, March 2008

Special Volume: The Rule (And Role) of Law and Politics in a Post 9/11 World


David Dyzenhaus, Introduction: Legality in a Time of Emergency

Kent Roach, The Role and Capacities of Courts and Legislatures in Reviewing Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Law

W. Wesley Pue and Robert Russo, The Problem of Official Discretion in Anti-Terrorism Law: A Comment on R. v. Khawaja

Book Reviews

Faisal Kutty, A review of “Legality in a Time of Emergency” by David Dyzenhaus

Faisal Bhabha, A review of “Access to Justice as a Human Right” by Francesco Francioni, ed. 

Volume 23, June 2007


Karen E. Jacques, Foreword to Special Topic: Perspectives on Health: Exploring the Social and Legal Context of Health and Well-Being

Remarks of the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C., Chief Justice of Canada, Professional Independence and the Rule of Law

Nola M. Ries, Food, Fat and the Law: A Comment on Trans Fat Bans and Public Health

Ummni Khan, Perpetuating a Cycle of Abuse: Feminist (Mis)use of the Public/Private Dichotomy in the Case of Nixon v. Rape Relief

Susan McBride, Pharmaceutical Industry Practices and the Medicalisation of Childhood: Is Pathology for Sale?

Nikki Kumar, Public Health or Public Harm: DDT, Malaria and the Right to Health

Book Reviews 

Fiona Bergen, A Review of “Law and Ethics in Biomedical Research: Regulation, Conflict of Interest, and Liability”, Trudo Lemmens & Duff R. Waring, eds. 

Lesley Jacobs, A Review of “Global Health Governance: International Law and Public Health in a Divided World”, Obijiofor Aginam

Volume 22, December 2006


Paul J. Saguil, A Virtuous Profession: Re-Conceptualizing Legal Ethics from a Virtue-Based Moral Philosophy

Jennifer E. Dalton, Aboriginal Title and Self-Government in Canada: What is the True Scope of Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements?

Diana Lumba, Deterring Racial Profiling: Can Section 24(2) of the Charter Realize its Potential?

Book Reviews

The Colour of Justice, Policing Race in Canada by David M. Tanovich, Reviewed by Dale E. Ives

Good Government? Good Citizens? Courts, Politics, and Markets in a Changing Canada by W.A. Bogart, Reviewed by Mark E. Hecht

State of Exception by Giorgio Agamben, Thomas J. Denholm

Volume 21, April 2006

Special Topic: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Julie Macfarlane, Introduction to the Special Topic of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Master Robert N. Beaudoin, University of Windsor Mediation Services 10th Anniversary: Remarks on the Civil Justice Review Task Force

Jeremy Richler, From Both Sides of the Table: The Art of Balanced Negotiation

Dispute Resolution: Beyond the Adversarial Model by Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Lela Porter-Love, Andrea Kupfner Schneider & Jean R Sternlight, Reviewed by Gemma Smyth

General Topics

Timothy Huyer, Honour of the Crown: The New Approach to Crown-Aboriginal Reconiciliation

Michael Ilg, A Place for Individual (im)Perfections: Diversity and the Promotion of Equitable Rights

Understanding Section 8: Search, Seizure, and the Canadian Constitution by Susanne Boucher and Kenneth Landa, Reviewed by Patrick Ducharme

Volume 20, November 2005


Ena Chadha, Running On Empty: “Not So Special Status” of Paratransit Services in Ontario

Christine Dobby, Whose Responsibility?: Disabled Adult “Children of the Marriage” Under the Divorce Act and the Canadian Social Welfare State

Monica Pathak, Maritime Violence: Piracy at Sea and Marine Terrorism Today

Case Commentary

William R. MacKay, Marshall Part 3: Are Aboriginal Rights Really Sui Generis? 

Volume 19, March 2005


Donna Eansor, The Mental Health of Women Pursuing and Working in the Legal Profession: A Research Proposal 

Gemma Smyth, Considering Democracy and ADR: Diversity Based Practice in Public Collaborative Processes

Bijon Roy, A Case Against Biometric National Identification Systems (NIDS): “Trading-Off” Privacy Without Getting Security

Shayna Frawley, The Great Compromise: Labour Unions, Flags of Convenience and the Rights of Seafarers

Sonia Akibo-Betts, Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement: Why the U.S. is not a Safe Haven for Refugee Women Asserting Gender-Based Asylum Claims

Nikki Kumar, Chantelle Lapointe, Diana Lumba & Francesca Maio, Critical Commentary: Social Inequality and Youth Sentencing 

Volume 18, November 2004


Ryan Fritsch, The Joyous Environmentalism: Fostering Creative Democratic Discourse in Law & Community

Robert Shapiro, Patent Infringement During a Time of National Emergency: Are Canadian, American and Mexican Governments Permitted to do so Under their Domestic Law, NAFTA and TRIPS; If so, at What Cost?

J. Andres Hannah-Suarez, Bringing the Administration of the Charter into Disrepute: A Critique of the Third Branch of the Collins Test for Excluding Evidence Under Section 24(2) of the Charter

Yoni Rahamim, Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance in Canada: The Present State of the Law and Challenges to the Employment of Sophisticated and Intrusive Technology in Law Enforcement

Special Topic: Ethical Obligations in the Legal Profession

Michael P Abdelkarim, Class Counsel’s Ethical Obligations

Jessica Van Exan,  The Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding the Duty to Warn in the Practice of Psychology

Volume 17, March 2004


Remarks About the Value of Student-Run Law Journals: Opening Address at the First Annual Banquet of the Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues, Honourable Madam Justice Kathryn Feldman, Ontario Court of Appeal

Cristine D. Urquhart,  Andrew D. Hathaway, Patricia G. Erickson, Backing Into Cannabis Reform: The CDSA and Toronto’s Diversion Experiment

The Criminal Justice System and Women: Offenders, Prisoners, Victims, and Workers, Reviewed by Jennifer Armenise

Yusuf A. Yusuf, Forward: Introduction to the Special Topic on Curent Issues in International Law

Amir Nakhjavani, To What Extent Does a Norm of Humanitarian Intervention Undermine the Theoretical Foundations Upon Which the International Legal Order Was Built?

Guy Brucculeri, A Need to Refocus the Mandate of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

Frank Franciosa, International Capital Mobility: Examining the Case for Liberalized Investment as a Mechanism for Improving Developing Countries

Volume 16, November 2003


James R. Olchowy, Battling for the Judge’s or Juror’s Imagination: Evidence, Storytelling and Effective Trial Advocacy

Lukasz Petrykowski, Sisyphean Labour in Canadian Poverty Law: Gosselin v Quebec (Attorney General)

Tae Mee Park, In the Best Interests of the Aboriginal Child

Robert Wright, Enron: The Ambitious and the Greedy

Faisal A. Bhabha, Tracking ‘Terrorists’ or Solidifying Stereotypes? Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act in Light of the Charter’s Equality Guarantee

Kathy Grant, The Unjust Impact of Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act on an Accused’s Right to Full Answer and Defence

Volume 15, March 2003

Special Topic: Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Maurizio Romano, “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” – A case of form following substance

Joanna Radbord, A Wedding Story


Andrew Bowers, A Concession to Humanity in the Killing of Innocents – Validating the Defenses of Duress and Superior Orders in International Law

Adam Vasey, Rethinking the Sentencing of Aboriginal Offenders: The Social Value of s.718.2(e)

Jagruti Chauhan, Online Dispute Resolution Systems: Exploring E-Commerce and E-Securities

Tuvia Borok, A Modern Approach to Defining “In the Best Interests of the Corporation”

Book Review

Consequences: The Impact of Law and Its Complexity by W.A. Boggart, Reviewed by D. Anthony Lariviere

Volume 14, November 2002


Stephen E. Smith, “Counterblastes” to Tobacco: Five Decades of North American Tobacco Litigation

Veronica Henderson, The School Bus to Wilkie and the Walk to Colonus: Latimer, Antigone, and the Role for Mercy in Sentencing

Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich, Compassion, Human Rights and Adult Sentencing under the Y.C.J.A.

James R. Olchowy, Russell Banks’ The Sweet Hereafter, Legal Storytelling and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Bypassing Court and “Bringing this Town Back Together”

Volume 12, November 2001

Convocation Address

Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, June 8, 2001. The Honourable Madam Justice Louise Arbour.


Larry Chartrand, Métis Identity and Citizenship

Julianne Parfett, Beyond Battered Woman Syndrome Evidence: An Alternative Approach to the Use of Abuse Evidence in Spousal Homicide Cases 

Peter Caldwell, ‘Perceived’ Categories of Convention Refugees Under the Immigration Act: Towards a ‘Perception of the Persecutor Theory on All Listed Grounds

Book Review

The Phenomenology of Modern Legal Discourse: The Juridical Production and the Disclosure of Suffering by William E. Conklin. Reviewed by Carlos M. Neves

Volume 11, March 2001


Betina Kuzmarov, An Uneasy Synergy: The Relationship Between Non-Governmental Organisations and the Criminal Court

Danny Ciraco, Reverse Engineering 

Book Reviews

Incorporating the Familiar by Susan Drummond. Reviewed by the Honourable Justice J.E. Richard, The Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories

A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion by Randy Thornhill & Craig T. Palmer. Reviewed by Terri K. Wills.

Volume 10, March 2000


Adam M. Parachin, Compromising on the Compromise: The Supreme Court and Section 24(2) of the Charter

Warren J. Sheffer, R v Marshall: Aboriginal Treaty Rights and Wrongs

Stanleigh E. Palka, Canada’s Cultural Industries, the United States, and Trade Law: Tension, Conflict, and Possiblities

Case Commentary

Kendal J. McKinney, The Use of Class Action in Wrongful Dismissal Cases: Webb v K-Mart

Book Reviews

The Drug Testing Controversy: Imperial Oil and Other Lessons, by Barbara Butler et al. Reviewed by Mohan Sharma

Final Appeal: Decision-Making in Canadian Courts of Appeal, by Ian Green et al. Reviewed by Patrick J. Ducharme & Edward W. Ducharme

Volume 9, March 1999

In Memoriam

The Honourable Mr. Justice James C. McPherson, Rt. Hon. Brian Dickson, Chief Justice of Canada: “The Passion and Action of his Time”


M. Joanne MacMillan, Trade and Culture: Conflicting Domestic Policies and International Trade Obligations

Brent W. Kraus, The Use and Regulation of Derivative Financial Products in Canada

Erica Cosgrove, The Sanctions Dilemma and the Case of Iraq: Human Rights and Humanitarian Challenges to the Use of Multilateral Economic Sanctions

Sonia Tara Banerji, Recent Developments in the Law and Policy under the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990: Martin v City of Indianapolis and the Problem of Unwanted Art

Case Commentary

David Rollins, The Impact of Federalism on Environmental Law and Policy: R v Hydro-Quebec

Book Reviews

The Year 2000 Computer Crisis Legal Guide, by A.M. Gahtan, Reviewed by Douglas Hewson

Trying Cases: A Life in the Law, by H. Fales II, Reviewed by Jay C. Carlisle

Volume 8, January 1998

In Memoriam

Cheryl Hodgkin, Mr. Justice John Sopinka: How He Should be Remembered


Aaron P. Marcotte, Can Employers Forgive and Forget?: Employer Condonation and Wrongful Dismissal in Canada

David A. Crerar, A Proposal for a Principled Public Policy Doctrine Post-Tolofson

Ayelet Shachar, Reshaping the Multi-Cultural Model: Group Accomodation and Individual Rights

Megan Evans, Products Liability in Ontario: Is the Tobacco Industry in Trouble?

Case Commentary

Margaret H. McKay, Genetic Material and Section 8: The Other Side of Stillman

Book Reviews

The Law School Book: Succeeding at Law School by A.C. Hutchinson and P. Marshall, Reviewed by Shalin M. Sugunasiri

Workplace Roullette: Gambling with Cancer, by M. Firth, J. Brophy and M. Kieth, Reviewed by J. Leigh West

Guide practice de la mediation, par H. Clavier, H. de Kovachich, M. Esposito et P. Renaud, Soumis par Jessie Iwasiw

Volume 7, January 1997


Robert E. Astroff, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides? Legal and Ethical Implications of Advance Directives

Sophie Boulakia, Analyse Des Conflicts D’Interets Dans La Profession Juridique Depuis L’Affaire Martin c. Gray

Mark Anthony Drumbl, The State as Landlord: The Constitutionality of the Termination of Public Housing Leases on Account of a Tenant’s “Illegal Activities”

Todd-Jeffrey Weiler, Professional Self-Regulation and Federal Competition Policy: The Calarco Case

Volume 5, December 1994


Richard Janda, Canada’s Failed Senate Reform Initiative: On Legitimate and Illegitimate Compromise 

Lara Friedlander, Towards a Cost Awards Policy in Civil Charter Litigation

Robert Wisner, Arguing in the Shadow of the Law: Strategic Appeals to Principle in Legal Negotiations

Discussion Piece

Mark Drumbl, Ian Lee and Martha Rafuse, La liberté d’expression et la dignité de la personne devant la Cour suprême du Canada

Book Reviews

Éthique de la Mort et Droit à la Mort, Jean-Louis Baudouin et Danielle Blondeau. Commentaire par Robert Cassius de Linval.

Religion and Culture in Canadian Family Law, J.T. Synash. Review by Peter Hrastovec.

The Evolution of Sexual Harassment Case Law in Canada, D.A. Campbell. Review by Mary Fox.


Volume 4, May 1993


Mary Jane Mossman, Toward a Comprehensive Legal Aid Program in Canada: Exploring the Issues

Alixe B. Cormick, Rent Control: The Facts Vancouver Should Know

Mark Anthony Drumbl, Illiteracy, Disempowerment and Injustice: How the Ontario Human Rights Code Can Protect Persons With Low Literacy Skills

Discussion Piece

The Honourable Madam Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella, The Civil Litigation Process Under Siege: Roscoe Pound Redux

Book Reviews

Report on the Testing of Aids, Ontario Law Reform Commission, Reviewed by Alan Sears

Reasoning with the Charter, Leon Trakman, Reviewed by Christopher Wydrzynski

The Law of Wrongful Dismissal, Howard Levitt, Reviewed by Peter K. Hrastovec

Volume 3, May 1991


H.N. Janisch, Optical Fibre to the Home: Keeping our Policy Options Open

Dianne Saxe, Throwing the Net Wider: Can Parent Companies and Lenders Be Held Liable For Contaminated Land? 

Alan L.W. D’Silva, “Giving Effect to Human Rights Legislation – A Purposive Approach”

W. Wesley Pue, Towards Geo-Jurisprudence? – Formulating Research Agendas in Law and Geography

W.E. Brett Cole, Guilt or Consequences: Constructive Liability in Sentencing – An Update

Daniel J. Dochylo, Perspectives on Increased Earning Potential: Should it be Considered “Property” Upon Divorce?

Discussion Pieces

The Honourable Mr. Justice John Sopinka, Confirmation Hearings and the Proper Role for Judges in the Public Sphere

Dr. Patricia Baird, Legal Aid and Social Implications of New Reproductive Technologies: Pre-Implantation Diagnosis

Book Review

Regulation of Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario: An Illusion? Reviewed by Joseph Franklin Cosmo Laratta

Volume 2, May 1990


Anne B. Gregory, “Voluntary” or “self-induced” intoxication: a legal fiction?

Leo Groarke, Pornography, Censorship and Obscenity Law in Canada

Louise Lussier et Michele Charpentier, Le role du droit face aux enjeux ethiques poses par la protection de la sante publique: un cadre theorique d’analyse

Discussion Piece

The Honourable Mr. Justice Peter deC. Cory, Speech Given to the County of Charlton Law Association, November 1989 on Charter Developments – Section 15

Book Reviews

The Law of Costs, Mark M. Orkin, Reviewed by John D. Wilson

Volume 1


Chief Justice Brian Dickson, P.C., Access to Justice

Rosalie Silberman Abella, The Social and Legal Paradigms of Equality

Patrick T. Brode, The Arbitrator’s Role: A Conservative View

Robert Milling and Renee Puskas, Native Access to Justice: Legal Needs on the Walpole Island Indian Reserve

F.L. Morton, Ph.D., The Politics of Rights: What Canadians Should Know About the American Bill of Rights

Case Comment

Stefan Braun, Re Information Retailers Association – Freedom of Expression of Adults or the Right to Well-Being of Children? The Family Store Dilemma

Book Reviews

Robert E. Charney, Human Rights & Freedoms in Canada: Cases, Notes and Materials, Mark L. Berlin & William F. Pentney

Vito Signorile, Law in a Cynical Society? Dale & Janet Gibson