About Us

The Windsor Review is an entirely student-run and double-blind peer-reviewed interdisciplinary law journal, under the guidance of faculty advisor Professor Christopher Waters.

Since our inaugural publication in 1989, the Windsor Review has been dedicated to utilizing law as a vehicle for social change. Our mandate is to promote an analytical, practical, and empirical approach to the study of law, incorporating the perspectives of multiple disciplines. The Windsor Review offers a distinct advantage to students, lawyers, and legal scholars who seek a high-quality, rigorous review process paired with timely publication.

The Windsor Review solicits original articles, book reviews, and comments on recent cases or legislation. Submissions should conform to the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (9th Edition). As a resource for academics, professionals, adjudicators, and public policymakers, copies of the journal can be found in libraries worldwide and through various legal and scholarly electronic databases such as Westlaw, HeinOnline, and Quicklaw/LexisNexis.

Additionally, the Windsor Review hosts an Annual Canadian Law Student Conference, which is a unique opportunity for law students to present their work and receive feedback from faculty and peers.


As of Tuesday, February 11, 2020, the Windsor Review has officially transitioned to “open access.” This commemorative occasion was marked by members of the Windsor Review Team, Canlii, and Chief Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz of the Ontario Superior Court.

Past and future volumes of the Windsor Review will be accessible free of charge  here: https://www.canlii.org/en/commentary/journals/45/