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Foreword – Digital Companion Volume III

Dean Christopher Waters

I am grateful to the editors of the Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues (WRLSI) for the invitation to write this foreword. As I write, the effect of US President Trump’s executive order banning citizens of 7 Muslim-majority states is being felt around the world, including in Windsor, a border city with deep, historic ties across the Detroit River. A comity and rules-based approach to continental and international affairs is unquestionably under fire. One of the articles in this fine Digital Companion to the WRLSI, “After Paris: A New Era of Securitization of US & Canadian Refugee and Immigration Policy” directly interrogates this threat to the rule of law in global affairs from a “securitization” agenda rooted in fear and ignorance. Other articles examine transnational legal issues in the context of trade and illegal wildlife trade. Closer to home, two articles take education as a site to examine how the regulatory state addresses collective bargaining and mental health. Each of these pieces, written by students and edited by students, give me hope that critical thinking and careful, deliberate research and communication will continue to challenge fear, ignorance, and decision-making unmoored from evidence in international and domestic affairs.

Christopher Waters
Windsor Law

Call for Submissions – 10th annual Canadian Student Law Conference (LawCon10)

The Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues (WRLSI) is now accepting submissions for its 10th Annual Canadian Law Student Conference. Law students from across Canada are invited to submit original, academic work to be considered for presentation at the conference. The conference will be held March 14, 15 &16, 2017 in Windsor, Ontario.

This event is a unique opportunity for students from across the country to share their academic work and receive feedback from peers and faculty in an open and engaging environment.

In addition, top presenters have the opportunity to be published in the Digital Companion. Exclusively reserved for student work, the Digital Companion features the top papers presented by law students at the conference.

To be considered, manuscripts must be received by January 31, 2017.

Please send manuscripts to with the subject line “Conference Submission”. Questions may be directed to that same address.

Submissions for Volume 38 Closed

Thank-you for all who submitted their work. Authors who have their work selected for publication will be notified once the papers have completed our editing and review process.

Please consider submitting in summer 2017 for Volume 39.

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

The Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues is soliciting contributions for volume 38 to be published in early 2017.

About Us

The Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues is an entirely student-run and peer-reviewed interdisciplinary law journal. As a non-traditional law journal, our mandate is to promote an analytical, practical, and empirical approach to the study of law, which incorporates the perspectives of multiple disciplines, in order to utilize the study of law as a vehicle for social justice. Our journal is a resource for lawyers, students, academics, professionals, adjudicators, and public policy makers. Copies of the journal can be found in libraries worldwide and through electronic databases such as Westlaw, HeinOnline, and Quicklaw/LexisNexis.

We invite you to submit original articles, book reviews, and comments on recent cases or legislation. Submissions should conform to the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (8th Edition). Please visit our webpage at for further submission guidelines.

How to Submit

Please email your manuscript in Microsoft Word format to

Questions may be directed to that same address.


The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2016. Submissions received after the deadline will continue to be reviewed by the Editorial Board on a rolling basis.